European NIMBL Project

At the end of June 2010 a three-year scientific project on Aicardi-Goutières (AGS) to be funded by the EC was approved. The project will last 3 years, have a total budget of over € 4,000,000.00, and be coordinated by our mutual friend Yanick Crow. Its participants include the
- Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, IRCCS “C. Mondino National Institute of   Neurology” Foundation, IT Pavia together with a number of universities: 
-  University of Manchester (UMan) UK (Manchester) - Coordinator
-  University of Leeds (ULee) UK (Leeds)
-  University of Amsterdam (UAm) NL (Amsterdam)
-  University of Barcelona (UBar) SP (Barcelona)
-  University of Washington (UWash) USA (Seattle)
and other hospitals:
-  Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) USA (Washington DC)
-  Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) NL (Leiden)
The project will involve researchers from all over the world, who are the  leading experts in AGS.
This project is an opportunity and a great source of hope both for AGS children and for all of families.
The role of IAGSA and of the families will be very important. Indeed, Prof. Elisa Fazzi and Dr Simona Orcesi, Italy’s representatives in this European project, will be responsible for coordinating the clinical research in Italy and part of Europe. 
The children will also be called to the C. Mondino National Institute of Neurology for a check-up at which is very important to attend.
See syntesis of European NIMBL Project

Manchester conference 6.03.2013
Syntesis of European NIMBL Project
Final Report